I’m Sorry

I'm sorry for my swimming hands wandering up your eyes I'm sorry for my fluid mouth pouring over your mind I'm sorry for my laughing eyes lashing into your heart I'm sorry for my silent ears feeding from your mouth I'm sorry for my racing mind fleeting past your hands I'm sorry for my fucking heart ripping through your ears

Dali Decoded Tour

This written tour was researched and crafted to provide additional educational entertainment available on the Dali Museum's Virtual Tour app.

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Writer’s Block

Absolutely nothing, is going through my head at a rapid speed. No words to impress, the raging competition to be on top. Prized or possessed, it’s in my honor, to introduce the winner. But words are suddenly lost when, I try to put all the feelings together, into one complete awe-striking masterpiece, like the Mona Lisa smiling, or is she? And I’m drawing a blank. A beautiful blank the proves, my thoughts are scatter-brained perfect, in a combination that’s unexplainable. Anything from this burning love, to disappointing voices that say, “you don’t want to come home”, but I really do. And all I want to do is shout, because maybe the tone of my feelings, will write itself in lines, so seemingly crafted, that you can feel the stinging, of whatever it is that I am feeling. But right now, It’s absolutely nothing.

Dear Blank Pages

Heavy dust falls on my spine, last entry: 22nd of May. “Never knew love felt like this”. I wait patiently for the light, and the mysteries of your face. Your secrets are safe with me, stained deep in every page, this permanent coalition of thought, rest alone for days. It’s things like “Mr. Moon Eyes”, I absorb in sheer bliss. Feeling every scratchy word, burning down my chest. As you look at old entries, I know that lowered brow. I’d shove myself down his throat, until the truth would let him know, “I can’t get him out of my head”. How I’m always around, and I never judge, until my pages are full of blood. I see the way he makes you smile, and the ways he made you cry. Reading “I am stronger now”. I’ll sit in this dark drawer forever, if this new one holds his bite.

Caught Between You and my View

You battle me to be carefree, society’s reins hold me down. Let loose of the tight grip and breathe. Excuses bark at your swollen seas, but still I shudder at the sound. You battle me to be carefree. Your bloodshot eyes and chuckles read, “Listen and retreat to the clown”. Let loose of the tight grip and breathe. I struggle to learn what you see, when the wind through my hair is on the ground. You battle me to be carefree. Your dank clouds of smoke strangles me, please tell me why my heart beat pounds. Let loose of the tight grip and breathe. Their voices buzzing like a bee, drowning me in these honey mounds, you battle me to be carefree. Let loose of the tight grip and breathe.

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