Overcoming my Quarter-Life Crisis: “Is this too much stubble?”

Why does it feel like you are violating some type of societal standard by wearing the same outfit you did two weeks ago? If you’ve maxed out your JCPenny credit card, there’s just no hope for a new outfit anytime soon. Your best option is to jazz up the outfits you own with different jewelry pairings, shoes, and hair styles. That is, assuming you actually care what you look like.

From what has been gathered, impressions play a big role in being respected as a young adult. The sad reality is, people rely on first impressions, without judgement on your character, experience, or skills. How you dress and/or carry yourself is key when meeting someone for the first time.

Everyone has a slightly skewed interpretation of first impressions. Two people can have completely different views of the same young woman. There is the society standard view and a view coming from truth. With the first view:

Wow she dresses nice! What a respectable young woman. If she can take care of her looks, she is definitely a responsible human being. I bet she’s a great person and a hard worker.

The second view:

Wow she dresses nice! She definitely has a sugar daddy. If she did buy those clothes, she probably isn’t spending any money on booze. I bet she’s really lame.

It’s two different perspectives. So when you are trying to impress, first know who your target audience is. Start by asking yourself, will my encounter be worth the stress, analyzing my outfit for 30 minutes before switching to a new one? Or can I throw on an outfit and get out of the door in 30 minutes? Time is precious, and at you only have so much time before that outfit becomes irrelevant due to old people appearances. You can take comfort in knowing that the people who master perfect outfits at the time of their prime beauty are probably egotistical psychopaths. If you cannot rely on your outfit to make great impressions, showing off your strong personality may be just as effective. What seems to work best with this particular theory, is to be yourself. You are the most unique individual you know. If you take pride in your individuality, focusing your confidence on your own standards rather than everyone else’s, then you will glow brighter than the glow-in-the-dark stars stuck to your ceiling.

If you want to impress and do not have the right look, or the strong personality, there is still one option. Just avoid people all together who give a shit.

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