Overcoming my Quarter-Life Crisis: “So, what’s for dinner tonight Mom?”

Nourishment can be a challenge with “adulting”. You never know how easy you had it living at home, until you’re completely on your own. While living at home, our parents made sure we had breakfast every morning. They would send us to school with a packed lunch or with money for hot food from the cafeteria. Then, when you got home there was always dinner on the table. Ultimately, you were fed on a constant basis. You definitely have a better appreciation for your parents when you realize how exhausting feeding yourself three times a day can be. Not to mention, how much money they were spending on you. Some of us rely on microwave dinners and cheap fast food, because we never learned how to cook. How 20-somethings manage to survive without the skill of cooking is puzzling. However, the young people who most-likely have it the worst, are the foodies. If you’re in love with food, like I am, you might not be suffering from starvation. Instead, you feel the constant dissatisfaction of a good meal due to the lack of change in your pockets. You have to quit buying $200 worth of groceries every two weeks from the high end grocery store in order to pay your rent on time. So you learn to grow up, invest in a reusable shopping bag, and keep a constant quarter in your car for the local Aldi. At least they have organic foods, so you don’t feel as guilty about all of your food labels’ being of the same brand. Once you have the $25 grocery shopping trip accomplished, you can then move onto the three-meal plan. Breakfast can be as simple as coffee (free at work) and a bagel, oatmeal, or a frozen egg sandwich, too easy. Lunch starts to become a challenge, because spending the majority of your day at work can lead to poor decisions, such as “I’ll just get Subway”. You must master the almighty meal prep or you will be susceptible to being hangry with your coworkers. That means either spending all of your Sunday cooking the hell out of your kitchen, or making little extras of your dinners every night to take to work the next day. It’s rewarding at lunch time, but dinner is sometimes just too ambitious of a goal. You get tired of eating the same meal you had less than 24 hours ago, you’re too broke to order another pizza, and the option of cooking dinner dissipated when you cracked open a beer anyway. In the end, you decide to have a beer dinner and hope your parents invite you out to eat this week. I know how to eat, but I haven’t quite mastered how to feed myself!


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