Overcoming my Quarter-Life Crisis: “Don’t eat carbs before bed!”

You sigh from relief when you wake in your bed. Can you imagine if last night’s dream really happened? Our dreams are a direct look into our subconscious minds. A farce twist on your normal day-to-day, such as going to school, hanging out with friends or family, or being at work. One minute everything is normal, the next minute you are stuck in a worst-case scenario situation. You feel guilt, sadness, shame, and fear. You become fully immersed, because the dream feels so real, at first. Suddenly, the people and places that you recognize, slowly appear strange and outlandish. Now you start to ask yourself, “Am I dreaming?”. Noticing these subtle differences between reality and what must be a dream can give you the rare opportunity of lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is one of the most amazing skills to posses, although it is completely useless to society, and entirely selfish. I see it as a guilty pleasure. A night filled with entertainment, an escape from reality.

You are walking through the halls of your school. You wave “Hello” to a friend as they pass-by. You look at the time and realize you are late for your first class. And it just happens to be test day. What seems like a small issue of embarrassment, going to your class and walking in a couple minutes late, has now become a bigger issue. You just now realized that you are in a different school entirely, in fact, it is your first day attending this school and you do not know where your classroom is. You do not have a syllabus, but there is one in your locker. If you could find the locker it would help. So you wander around the halls, trying to find a familiar spot, where your locker would be. When you finally find it, you can not remember your locker combination. At this point you have decided to wander around the halls until you walk by a classroom that looks like yours. Before you know it, you have been wandering around a massive mall-sized school with endless hallways and now the bell rings for second period. This time however, you remember that you have math class and you know exactly how to get there. A friend sees you and pats you on the back as you pile into the classroom, sitting at a random desk. When the class starts the teacher states, “Please pull out your homework from last night.” You never did any homework, in fact, you haven’t been showing up to class because you forgot and the lessons are not making any sense. In a panic, you decide to slip out of class. Into the hallway you are again, you look to find the nearest restroom. When entering the restroom, you walk up to the stall and see there is no door. You really need to go, but all of the stalls have no doors on them. No one is in the bathroom so you decide to just go, but as soon as you sit your naked ass on the toilet, a couple of guys come into the restroom. Did I go into the men’s bathroom by accident? So you pull up your pants, never having gone pee, and you continuously look for a stall with a door on it. When you do find one, the stall is actually a two-part stall that leads into another, where a girl tells you to, “Get out!”. After all the bathroom commotion, you find a door leading out of the bathroom the other way. You follow a long hallway until you notice you are now inside of a house. The house seems familiar, but the people inside of it, you thought lived somewhere else. Everyone is getting uncomfortable at the weather outside of the window. A tornado is forming just miles away. You run around trying to find a basement. Down a flight of stairs, the basement is still half on the ground level. There are large glass windows surrounding you. All you can do is crouch in a little corner of the room, farthest from the window, so that when the tornado comes, you do not experience flying glass, or getting sucked out. You hear the roar of the wind and the flashing of the lightning. You look up and see a familiar friend in the corner; your first ever love. Why is he here? He moves closer, without fear of the storm. Just as you are so sure that this is your last day alive, the tornado barely passes the house before dissipating into thin air. After all of this disbelief, wondering how you got there, it finally dawns on you. This is not my house, or any house I know. These people do not belong in this space. This man would not be approaching me with caring eyes. He doesn’t love me anymore. I think I might be dreaming. I think this is a dream. I know this is a dream. And with this breath-taking realization, you grab that man with reckless abandon and love him like you never have before. You make love to him in the middle of the basement in-front of the strangely misplaced people as they watch in awe, trying to convince you that you are not dreaming. But you know this is a dream and after you finish, you fly out of the window, high into the sky. Feelings of ecstasy fill you. You are free. You have flown so high, absorbing all the beauty, and suddenly, you cannot fly any longer. You rapidly fall to the Earth screaming bloody murder until you are just inches from the ground. Your body jumps and you are awake in your bed, covered in sweat. Your dog is looking at you like you’re a crazy person. You get up and go about your life. Until tonight.


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