Overcoming my Quarter-Life Crisis

From the humor to the hardships, the transition into adulthood is note-worthy. These short blurbs consist of humorous life observations, trying to make sense of the way the world works, and venting frustrations most people share in their mid-20’s.

“So far, being 25 years old is about being overworked and underpaid. Freshly dangling free from the financial umbilical cord of your parents. Sexually charged but growing into a “real” woman’s body. Whatever that means. Learning to take care of yourself while being tossed into a literal living hell: adult life as we know it. So far it has been frustrating, yet oddly empowering. Slowly I am overcoming my quarter-life crisis.”

For more, visit my blog: http://overcomingmyquarter-lifecrisis.blogspot.com/


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